6 Weeks of
Management Consulting

This is a combination of immersive hands-on projects and extensive training. During 6 weeks, you will work remotely as a management consulting analyst while receiving two technical trainings per week delivered by Chris Lam, the Founder of Elyx Consulting. You will receive a reference letter from Elyx Consulting by the end of the program, so that you can prove to your future employer about your passion to the industry!

Who is this for ?

This externship is for you if you are one of the following

Aspiring Consultants

Wanting to learn more about management consulting and break into business/consulting-related roles

Wanting a Stepping Stone to Consulting

We are open to all majors, regardless of whether you are coming from business or non-business backgrounds. Students from all years (freshers, sophomores, etc) are all welcomed. This is a springboard for your consulting career.

Eager Learner

Intellectually curious about management consulting and business management

Kickstart your Consulting Journey

Meet Your Instructor

Past experiences in:
Past clients include:

Chris LamFounder & CEO

Chris Lam (LinkedIn Profile) is the Founder and Managing Director of Elyx Consulting with more than 15 years of consulting experience. His expertise includes strategy, business operation, digital innovation, merger and acquisition and case analysis.

He was formerly the case leader in BNP in-house consulting division, a consultant at OC&C and a banker at Morgan Stanley.

Elyx Consulting is a boutique management consulting firm specialising in business strategy and financial services consulting. Its past clients include Fortune 500 companies such as HSBC, MasterCard and BNP Paribas. Notable projects:

  • Merger of BNP Paribas’s private banking entity with its corporate and institutional banking entity in Hong Kong and Singapore
  • For HSBC’s new credit card issuance, provided strategic insights during the launch phase with analyses on market conditions and consumer behavior
  • Robotic process automation for Natixis and Credit Agricole, transforming processes and reducing manual workload significantly for back-office staff

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What do our students say ?

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    A) Nature of Externship

    Traditional internships are typically unstructured and require interns to do a lot of grunt work that do not contribute to a steep learning experience or add value to your resume.

    Our externships, on the other hand, are well-organised programs that have specific outcomes in mind — giving you an opportunity to create meaningful deliverables that shine on your resume, structured trainings delivered by a top industry practitioner (consider this as a career version of Masterclass) and a steep learning curve that jumpstarts your career.

    There is no salary for the program. The entire purpose of the externship is to give you a head-start in your career.

    We all know the paradox: you can’t get in top firms without prior experience, but you can’t get any prior experience if you don’t have related experience.

    Therefore, this program is an investment in your career that will pay off many times down the line.

    We have a very diverse group of student pools.

    Here’s the schools that our past participants came from:

    • Australia: University of Melbourne, UNSW, University of Sydney
    • United Kingdom: Cambridge, LSE, UCL, Exeter, Bath, Warwick
    • Hong Kong: CUHK, HKU, HKUST, CityU, OUHK, HSU
    • United States: Brown University, Columbia University, USC
    • Europe: ESADE

    Yes, you will have a reference letter by the end of the program signed by our partnered company to certify your participation in the program. The reference letter will be verifiable in background checks or any employment checking mechanism.

    B) Time Commitment and Schedule

    Expected time commitment for the program is roughly 4 - 10 hours per week. Of course, this is totally adjustable and flexible according to your schedule and needs. Our externship programs involves hands-on work experience together with structured training sessions. The more work that you complete, the more things you can write on your resume.

    There is no fixed schedule and you can do it at your own pace. It is completely flexible and adjustable according to your needs and schedule. We expect you to spend at least 1 hour a week to go through the structured trainings to learn from our top tier instructor and also set aside a couple of hours to work on the projects that are assigned to you.

    We understand that you may have other engagements or schoolworks. Therefore, you can request postponing or waving the tasks if you are busy at school. That said, if you can set aside 4 - 10 hours a week on this program, you will have a lot to write on your CV and inevitably develop a professional acumen that will come in handy when you go for interviews or in actual workplace.

    C) Application

    There is no prerequisite for the program. We understand different students have different backgrounds. Some are studying science major, some are freshmen, some are looking for career transitions, etc.

    Therefore, we structured the program to be suitable for students at all level and you will be able to get started and slowly work up the ladder without any trouble even if you are a complete beginner.

    The program can start anytime. The mid-autumn discount ends soon. Apply now ;)