Unlock the mystery of global financial markets and accelerate your career
  • 1
    1. Introduction to Global Markets
    - How do different players in the market interact with each others as well as how does the financial economy work.
    - Introduction to Sales and Trading, Hedge Fund, Asset Management and Investment Banking
    - Overview of Theoretical Minimum (the essential core knowledge you need to gain in order to break into top firms)
    Competence that you will gain
    Industry Knowledge
  • 2
    2. Stock Idea Formulation and Origination
    - Financial analysis and the art of stock picking
    - Sector and industry coverage
    - How to analyze news and develop market insights
    Competence that you will gain
    Technical Skill
    Analytical Thinking
  • 3
    3. Essence of a Stock Pitch
    - Structure, delivery and composition of a stock pitch
    - Sellside pitch vs buyside pitch and considerations
    Competence that you will gain
    Presentation Skill
    Communication Skill
    Pitching Skill
  • 4
    4. Factors of Considerations for Equity Investing
    - Knowing factors to consider when coming up with stock ideas
    - Risk, mitigation and concerns from a fund manager’s perspective
    Competence that you will gain
    Analytical Skill
    Technical Skill
    Industry Insights
  • 5
    5. Constructing a Long/Short Portfolio
    - Mechanics of short selling and its effect on portfolio construction
    - Mechanics of L/S portfolio
    - Building a portfolio excel model
    Competence that you will gain
    Industry Insights
    Excel Skill
    Financial Modelling
  • 6
    6. Portfolio Monitoring and Technicality
    - Portfolio readjustment and reaction to change in market dynamics
    - Factors to consider when constructing a portfolio from real world perspective
    - Measurement of risk and success (Alpha, Beta, Sharpe Ratio, etc)
    Competence that you will gain
    Technical Skill
    Analytical Thinking
  • 7
    7. Timing the market
    - When to cash in and out?
    - Hedging and timing strategies
    - Percentage and weighting consideration
    Competence that you will gain
    Industry Insights
    Analytical Thinking
    Strategic Thinking
  • 8
    8. Trading Strategies
    - Discover your trading styles
    - What to do in different market situations
    - Quant trading considerations
    Competence that you will gain
    Strategic Thinking
    Industry Insights
  • 9
    9. Review and Consolidation
    - Putting everything together and form a complete picture
    - Performance appraisal and 360 review
    Competence that you will gain
    Self Reflection
    Personal Development
  • 10
    10. Preparing for Interviews
    - Behavioral training for Bulge Bracket and Buyside Interviews
    - Secrets and tricks to hacking top offers
    - The perfect answers told to you by a Goldman Sachs ED and Hedge Fund manager
    Competence that you will gain
    Interview Skills
    Industry Insights

* The exact schedule is subject to amendment depending on the profile and progress of enrolled students.

What You Would Get

In short, the whole period of this program is 8 weeks Summer Analyst experience with training sessions by an ex-Goldman Sachs ED-turned hedge fund manager.


Days of Hedge Fund Experience


Structured training sessions


Equity research reports and technical guides

Experience on your resume